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Living Math

by Kelly Midkiff   ©2003

-Chapter 1-

What Is Living Math?

A basic answer to this question plus tips on choosing math books from your library.
My philosophy on why teaching math in the early years with this method is essential
for a firm foundation in mathematic reasoning.

 -Chapter 2-

Practical Applications

 How to make your own math curriculum: take a living math book and teach a concept from it. 
Replace workbooks with oral practice and lots of hands-on practice.
A checklist for concept mastery grade by grade.

-Chapter 3-

A Bag of Beans

Using a manipulative is imperative for the early years. Without them, you run the risk
of your child learning math by rote memorization. With this as their only foundation
 it will be impossible to excel in more advanced mathematics.

-Chapter 4-

Teaching Math in the Early Years

You can teach basic mathematical concepts without any writing involved. Do it!
Don't wait until your child can write legibly to begin teaching math.
Included here are also some simple games and activities for beginning math practice.

-Chapter 5-

Living Math Books

Many living math books, divided into categories based on grade level and difficulty.


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all content copyright 2003 & 2004 DO NOT PRINT!

 -Chapter 1-

What Is Living Math?

 Based on the title of this book you might be inclined to believe that it is based on the philosophy of a living education Ė a term first uttered by the 19th century woman Charlotte Mason. You would be right. Though Miss Mason never used the term when speaking of arithmetic or mathematics, she did not have at her disposal such books on these topics as we do today. I believe that if she had, she would have advocated their use and would have abhorred our laborious method of teaching math to our 5, 6, 7 year olds via workbooks.

Of course, we arenít able to ask for her opinion today so this is merely speculation on my part. With this in mind, and to pay my respects for such a wonderful, God-fearing woman I do have one request. If you donít know of Miss Mason and her ground-breaking philosophies of education please do so. You will not be disappointed. Even if you do not choose to follow her methods exactly (and I donít believe she would have us rigidly follow any one book list, etc.) there will be something of use to you there in your homeschool journey.

It would also be unfair of me not to mention a much-respected modern homeschool mover and shaker: Ruth Beechick. When I first read her little booklet, ď The 3 Rís ď it dawned on me that I was making this whole homeschool endeavor MUCH too complicated for my 5 year old!  If you are devoid too of having read her homeschool writings - rectify your situation as soon as possible.

With those two recommendations out there for you I will return to the subject of this book: living math. What is it? What is it for? How do you use it? What is a living math book? We will examine each question individually.

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