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Living Math is the result of over 2 years work and my oldest son's lifetime (up to this point!). We struggled with traditional math curriculums during the early years - they are so artificial and dulling to the senses.  So true to my nature I tossed them out in favor of real-life math. Through the yars we have discovered many of what I call living math books. They are included in this manual along with a year by year listing of possible math concept areas to be mastered.  Also included are fact sheets you can copy and use for drill.

Comb bound, laminated card stock cover. $18+shipping.


Just Phonics is a little manual great for children ready to begin phonics. You'll find sight word lists included too so you can combine the best of both methods to teach reading. When complete, your child will have constructed her own reading notebook! This is a relaxed, natural, no-pressure approach so if you're looking to have your child reading in XXX easy lessons, this isn't the manual for you. True to Charlotte Mason principles your child will take this at her own pace, enjoying the process thoroughly.

Comb bound, laminated card stock cover. $12+shipping.

Coming SOON:
Special Schooling For Special Kids:
Homeschooling to bring out the best in your child

After our son was diagnosed with apraxia and high-functioning autism, the times I had spent tutoring special needs kids came sharply into focus. And yet, this was SO different! This is MY child! This books walks through the emotional aspects of parenting a special needs child and presents these chidlren in a new light. Maybe there isn't something wrong with them! Maybe there is something wonderfully RIGHT! Instead of focusing on the challenge and limitations, we will be focusing on bringing out the best in your special needs child. Included is a practical guide to becoming your child's #1 educational advocate and teacher, choosing to use or not use public services, and a comprehensive appendix with contact information on more than 75  disability/learning challenged organizations! Also included is a 3.5" disc with over 100 links to online resources for homeschooling your special needs child sorted by disability and challenge.

Comb bound, laminated card stock cover, 3.5 disc.

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