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This little beauty is one of our spring babies. From Bathsheb and Duke, this junior doe has lots of promise. Very type-y head and promise of good Holland confirmation with a lovely broken blue pattern. From a litter of 7 she would make an awesome addition to your breeding program!
Her daddy is Abigirl's "The Duke" and her mama
is Bathsheba.

 (We have 2 of her sisters that look almost exactly alike that are the same price and age.)

This is again one of our spring babies, the brother of the jr. doe above. He's a lover not a fighter and LOVES to snuggle! He takes after his daddy Duke and has a great head. Again, Duke has been awesome as a herd buck and throws good litters with fawn and broken blues. A great starter buck.

We will be at the June 25th Holland Show in Sedalia Missouri and can arrange for delivery there.
WE do NOT ship bunnies.