Here are our mixed breed rabbits. Our herd buck is a pedigreed New Zealand White. He is still fairlyyoung but has been doing an awesome "job" so far that we have high hopes! Here is our first production doe Mrs. Bates and herd sire Mr. Mighty.

And yes, we really do butcher rabbits for meat. It takes just like chicken and that's not a pun! It isn't cruel or inhumane so don't send us an email about that. We won't respond. We are a homeschooling family living on one income and are using all the things God said are "good" for us to eat. Rabbit is one of those. Try it!  Here are some links for butchering and cooking rabbits.

Westwell Rabbit Butchering (great step-by-step photos)
Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch
Better Barnyard (for butchering supplies)
Meat Making (an interactive forum)
Why Raise Rabbits?

We also tan a few hides. If you are interested in furs email us and we can let you know what colors we have available as well as prices.