Who Was
Charlotte Mason?

There are many websites outlining who Charlotte Mason was. By now you probably know she was a 19th century woman who pioneered the idea that all children were entitled to a thorough education - regardless of class. It was she as well who put into practice the idea of a liberal education: one complete with instruction in the arts and humanities as well as science and mathematics with the Bible and living books as the core materials.

One thing I didn't find in a few of the descriptions of her, was the fact that she was a devout christian. Her faith can be seen in all of her writings. Scarely a page is turned when we do not read a reference to her Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. Even science, which in our modern times has become a most anti-christian scholastic subject, she taught as a living subject representative of a Living God.

Please do not leave out this very important part of who Charlotte Mason was. I believe that if given the choice she would choose to be remembered as a christian FIRST, then teacher, homeschool pioneer, and advocate of a woman's most high calling: motherhood.

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